Example: "Let's tackle this ASAP"

abbreviation for as soon as possible

The most overused word in all industries. Let's fix this ASAP. Let's ship this ASAP. Let's get this done ASAP.

 drive the receiving party nuts. Not just in product management. No matter you are in a startup or a well-established firm. Everyone has tasks on hand to do. That's why we still got a job right?

Instead of asking someone to do a task ASAP, which is very vague to each person's definition. A company should define its priority list. P0, P1, P2...

P0 - This is a major blocker. Put down everything and tackle it.
P1 - Must be tackled on next available time/resources
P2 - Should be tackled but not urgent
P3 - Will be good to get it done if no other priority

Many use the word ASAP and most of the time it is in p1 to p2. Because if it is something that urgent like P0, everybody should already be on it.

If you are like me who hates the word ASAP, the bolded ASAP words used here are already killing you slowly.

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